Portal-type packer


The high performance packers of the type BMS Unipack 103 are very rugged and durable machines due to their portal-type design. The packing cam is freely programmable and is driven by maintenance-free drive systems. With its modular design, based on a stable, distortion-free stainless steel structure the UNIPACK 103 allows an individual adjustment to different container and pack sizes. By selecting the grouping length the BMS Unipack 103 can be individually adjusted to the prevailing circumstances and the customer’s required capacity. Small space requirement and integrated protective equipment are further advantages of the portal-type design.

  • Integrated handling parts magazine
  • Touch panel with intuitive user prompting and logical diagnostics feedback
  • Integrated machine protection
  • Optimal load distribution based on unique bridge-type design
  • Highly dynamic servo-drives
  • Compact, space-saving portal design

UNIPACK 103 in operation

BMS Unpacker in two-lane H-configuration

Unpacker in two-lane H-configuration

BMS Packing bells for clip-lock bottles with pneumatic bottle rotation

Packing bells for clip-lock bottles with pneumatic bottle rotation

BMS Packer with fully automated lane adjustment

Packer with fully automated lane adjustment

BMS Selective unpacking with individual-pack bell control

Selective unpacking with individual-pack bell control

BMS portal-type machine UNIPACK 103 - overview of technologies

  • Integrated vibrator and completeness monitoring
  • Without transfer panel between container transport and bottle table – gap-free transition
  • Container transport equipped with flat-top chain of steel or plastic or mat-type conveyor, depending on the task

  • Integrated infeed and pack stopper
  • Additional stopper as from 4 or more crates
  • Pack transport with flat-top chain of steel
  • Individual crate centring as from grouping length of four or more crates
  • Motorised or pneumatically controlled crate centring frame in four-point design

Optimised long-term packing bells adjusted to fit the product range

  • Packing bell with gripper finger
  • Packing bell with inflatable sleeve
  • Packing bells for PET
  • Packing bells for clip-lock bottles
  • Packing bell for tight spaces
  • Self-developed vacuum gripper
  • Special packing bells

  • Rigid and axially adjustable gripper heads
  • Individually adjustable gripper heads for individual pack
  • Gripper heads for carton
  • Repacker gripper heads for six-packs

  • Automated label orientation
  • Integrated gripper head magazine
  • Automated gripper head change-over system
  • Automated lane adjustment
  • Handling parts magazine


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