Cloud-based project management minimises risks

Every project in the plant construction sector is subject to risk factors. Inadequate construction site management can restrict production or even lead to a complete production standstill. Apart from having a direct economic or organisational impact, this inadequacy can also damage the company’s reputation.

BMS cloud-based projectmanagement

To sufficiently account for these aspects BMS Maschinenfabrik has developed “LOP 4.0”- an intelligent construction site management system as a first step towards a cloud-based project management system.

Our approach: The greater the transparency and openness of all project phases in construction site management, the more efficiently the processes can be completed. We think proactively and have integrated specific factors that are critical for success.




How can planning reliability be achieved?

Due to the many different trades and tasks involved in construction site management it is above all important to have a clear and transparent overview. This is essential to ensure that all parties involved gain an up-to-date, authentic insight into the progress of individual processes. LOP 4.0 - our answer for a modern project management on cloud basis – accomplishes this task in full.

  • • Each party involved can easily provide information, document project stages and thus present the progress in a transparent way.
  • • Thanks to easy-to-use controls our information and communications platform provides the exact details that individual persons require “at the touch of a button“ - thus doing away with time-consuming coordination work.
  • • The risk of cost-intensive production downtimes or interruptions in the workflow is reduced due to the smooth coordination that takes place, irrespective of the trade.

Special feature: A target-oriented construction site management with vertical start-up helps to identify adverse developments at an early stage and take proactive countermeasures. Besides securing time schedules this approach also ensures completion within the budget.

LOP 4.0 stands out as a cloud-based construction site management system!

In plant engineering projects adverse developments are frequently not detected until delays or restrictions occur. This in turn causes disruption in the individual trades and leads to significantly higher costs.

Advantages delivered by LOP 4.0 from BMS Maschinenfabrik:

  • • Holistic coordination of each individual trade via a platform
  • • Reduced coordination effort through the presentation of the current project status
  • • Proactive identification of mistakes in the implementation and rectification thereof
  • • Reduced risk of production malfunctions and downtimes
  • • Graphic presentation of open, pending or completed tasks
  • • Instant presentation of relevant data using a filter function


... and by the way: LOP 4.0, the cloud-based project management system of BMS Maschinenfabrik, is now also available as an app for iOS und Android. The solution for construction site management with planning reliability – providing transparency at all times, towards customers, suppliers and employees!

Are you interested in more details? HERE you will find the full report – take a look!

Published in: Brauwelt International / October 2020


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