At the cutting edge. Cloud-based project management system from BMS

We proactively enable a digital transformation that is based on absolute transparency. Learn more about the benefits of postmodern cloud-based project management at BMS.

The installation and commissioning phase in plant engineering projects – in other words the worksites - present a multitude of risk factors that can restrict entire sections or actually shut down operating processes. The more transparent and open the construction site management is, the more efficiently the project can be completed - which is in the interest of the customer, but also in the supplier's own interest. For this reason BMS Maschinenfabrik has developed LOP 4.0, as a first step towards a postmodern project management of the future. The cloud-based project management system for maximum added value – for all parties involved.

We offer a uniform, easy-to-manage information and communication platform. Here the respective specialists have a direct influence on individual trades or jobs, and the time and effort required for coordination is reduced significantly. At the same time, the progress and stages of the project are presented in a transparent way. This creates trust, offers clearly improved planning reliability, reduces the risk of cost-intensive production downtimes and enables a focused construction phase with vertical start-up.

Read on to find out more about the specifics and achieved advantages. We explain how we implemented post-modern project management in just one system!

New: the cloud-based construction site management system from BMS, as a first step towards a project management system of the future

The complexity of a plant engineering project is often not realised by many participating parties until the first problems arise, and these then lead to costly delays. It is not just a matter of coordinating each individual trade, the efficient collaboration between all parties is also essential. This is why BMS Maschinenfabrik GmbH decided to take the next evolutionary step forward towards a postmodern project management. The starting point being an intelligent construction site management system.

Characteristic feature: with LOP 4.0 - a cloud-supported construction site management system, - all jobs can be managed, starting from the receipt of orders to documentation and to after-sales service. Based on the principles of postmodern project management. What this means exactly, is explained below!

Teamwork via a digital platform: why postmodern project management?

To explain the relevance of this new approach we need to take a closer look at the typical problems encountered in a plant engineering project, and to this end we have put together what we believe to be the key challenges.

  • • the use of very many different tools
  • • large number of players with different responsibilities
  • • complex communication
  • • lack of overview (keyword: transparency)
  • • potential losses due to plant downtimes or malfunctions

In brief: All things that have a significant impact on productivity and performance are closely linked with the construction project. Classic project management in which clearly defined stages are specified and worked through successively, does not offer a solution here. This is because a great deal of effort is needed to research and prepare individual concepts and also transparency, and options are then derived from these concepts.

Postmodern project management is characterised, among other things, by consistent team exchange, for instance via a virtual information and communication platform. Each and every player has access to the actual situation in real time, enabling them to directly influence the project. According to Matthias Gärtner, managing director of RUHR PM GmbH, this postmodern project management 4.0 is decisively shaped by customer-oriented cooperation, team-oriented implementation and value-oriented thinking and acting. Apart from reducing organisational and administrative effort, this also creates maximum transparency and the basis for the best possible completion of the project.

Das BMS construction site management system: Maximum information at the click of a button

Experience has shown that plant engineering projects cannot be rated until they have been fully completed. There are too many potential influencing factors and interrelationships that are often too complex and do not emerge until during the process. In developing LOP 4.0 we therefore chose an approach that specifically focuses on the places where problems occur, these being those jobs and areas where the greatest amount of effort is required. In the first step we start with digitalisation where the most added value for all project partners is to be found – in the construction site phase.

Project management 4.0 à la BMS stands for:

  • • a multi-user platform
  • • transparency at all times for employees, customers and suppliers
  • • targeted information processing “Finding instead of searching”
  • • directly measurable added value for each party involved

The cloud-based project management system can be accessed by anyone via the BMS website, no separate software is required. At the same time, we guarantee a high level of data security through an up-to-date access solution.

Here is a summary of the advantages in plain language:

  • • current project status available at all times (from delivery to commissioning), in an absolutely transparent form
  • • graphic presentation of open, pending or completed items
  • • digitally managed list of materials in the form of a Push Client
  • • specific preparation of information using a filter
  • • user-specific prioritisation, commenting and media preparation (photos, videos) of individual items
  • • reduced coordination effort
  • • higher planning reliability

We are working at full speed on the application of our postmodern project management system also in the sales and project clarification phase, design, production and service. BMS Maschinenfabrik is thus revolutionising project management as we know it – with the highest level of information for optimum collaboration.


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